An Update and Something Fun to Share

It’s a time of unknowns, as we are all trying to do what is best for ourselves and our families. What I do know, however, is that I appreciate all of you and hope that you are safe and healthy. Look for announcements on Facebook and by email, but for now we’re following stay at home guidelines for non-essential businesses and remaining closed until further notice. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who are on the frontlines!

We wanted to also share some good news, too. April 2 marks our 10 Year Anniversary! So, even though we’re not not open right now, I wanted to recognize this milestone and say we couldn’t have done it without you!! We have some delightful plans in mind for the future. We look forward to the day when we get to see your smiling faces and we can celebrate with all of our customers and friends. 😁

We truly value all of you and look forward to seeing you soon. Please be safe and take care of yourselves and your family!  

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